Zen For Christians: A Beginner's Guide

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Author Boykin, Kim
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"Whereas other Christianity-meets-Buddhism books stress ideology and the intellect, this one emphasizes daily acts of practice." —Publishers Weekly(starred review)In this illuminating and insightful guide, Kim Boykin offers Christians a way to incorporate Zen practices into their lives without compromising their beliefs and faith.Zen for Christiansassumes curiosity but no real knowledge as it walks readers through specific concepts of Zen philosophy — including suffering, attachment, and enlightenment — and explains each in a simple but lively way. Sections between chapters gently demonstrate Zen meditation practices, explaining the basics in a clear, engaging manner. Placing Buddhist and Christian teachings side by side helps readers not only understand Zen but also shows their compatibility. Drawing on Dr. Boykin's own personal search through Buddhism and Christianity as well as her background in theological studies, this thought-provoking work illustrates how Zen practice can be particularly useful for Christians who want to enrich their faith by incorporating contemplative practices."An excellent introduction to Zen — clear and to the point, practical, respectful, and even humorous at times." —Yoga Journal"Makes Zen practice more approachable and less esoteric ...a straightforward guide for those who want to try Zen for themselves." —Monastic Interreligious Dialogue Bulletin"A trustworthy and delightful guide. Kim Boykin will demystify and deepen your understanding of both the traditions she practices. A gem!" — James W. Fowler, author,Stages of Faith"Kim Boykin writes in the skilled language of simplicity. While addressing those new to Zen, she offers practical wisdom, challenge, and encouragement to all practitioners." — Rose Mary Dougherty, Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation, Bethesda, Maryland"The great religions of the world have much to learn from each other. Kim Boykin's book is a skillful step in that direction. The heart of the matter of Zen is presented in a direct and informative way that is based on her firsthand experience of Zen training. This should prove to be a helpful guidebook for any Christian who wishes to explore Zen practice." — John Daido Loori, roshi, abbot, Zen Mountain Monastery"This lovely, wise, and practical introduction to Zen keeps its promise of companionship as the kind of spiritual cookbook you can
ing right into the kitchen. Recipe-reading like this, in fact, inspires you to get into the kitchen, encourages you to keep at it, and invites you to share your efforts in communion with others." — Steven Tipton, coauthor,Habits of the Heart"An excellent resource on Zen practice, written from a pragmatic, personal, and yet sophisticated point of view. What a fine contribution to Buddhist-Christian understanding!" — Judith Simmer-Brown, coauthor,Benedict's Dharma: Buddhists Comment on the Rule"This is a good-humored, intelligent, nonguilt-inducing book written by a person who shows us clearly what it would be like to reap the benefits of what she preaches." — Roberta Bondi, author,Memories of God and Houses: A Family Memoir of Grace

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No prior knowledge of Zen philosophy is necessary for this reader-friendly guide, which offers Christians a way to incorporate contemplative practices into their lives without compromising their beliefs.

Table of Contents
CONTENTSForeword by Gerald G. MayAn Invitation to Zen PracticePractice: Zazen: Counting the Breath1.   How I Became a Christian Zen PractitionerPractice: Walking Meditation2.   The Buddhist Way of Liberation from SufferingPractice: Noticing Thoughts3.   Zen Teachings and Christian TeachingsPractice: Zazen: Following the Breath4.   Enlightenment: Already and Not YetPractice: Practicing with Everything5.   Making Zen Practice Part of Your LifePractice: Zazen: Shikantaza, or “Just Sitting”One More Thought: If It’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing BadlyRecommended ResourcesNotesAcknowledgmentsThe AuthorIndex