Princeton Review Mcat Subject Review Complete Box Set

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THE TOTAL PACKAGE FOR MCAT MASTERY. With 7 complete subject guides and 3 online practice tests, The Princeton Review's MCAT boxed set
ings you everything you need to ace the MCAT—at an unbeatable value and price!<
>This boxed set includes:<
>·7 complete bookscovering all parts of the MCAT: biology, biochemistry, organic chemistry, general chemistry, physics and math, psychology and sociology, and critical analysis and reasoning skills<
>·3 full-length practice tests(accessible online) to help you benchmark your score<
>·In-depth subject review coverageof each of the challenging test subjects<
>·Thousands of practice questionsin end-of-chapter review sections and MCAT-style practice passages<
>·Full-color illustrations, diagrams, and tables for easy visual comprehension<
>·Chapter summariesfor quick review<
>·Strategic techniquesand test-taking guidance to hone your ability to take the MCAT effectively<
>·Extensive glossariesin each book for immediate reference and review<
>·Online student toolsfor up-to-the-moment info on any late-
eaking AAMC exam updates<
>The following individual titles are included in the Complete Set:<
>· MCAT Biochemistry Review<
>· MCAT Biology Review, 2nd Edition<
>· MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Review, 2nd Edition<
>· MCAT General Chemistry Review, 3rd Edition<
>· MCAT Organic Chemistry Review, 3rd Edition<
>· MCAT Physics and Math Review, 3rd Edition<
>· MCAT Psychology and Sociology Review, 3rd Edition