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The definitive one-volume collection of Jung quotations

C. G. Jung (1875-1961) was a preeminent thinker of the modern era. In seeking to establish an interdisciplinary science of analytical psychology, he studied psychiatry, religion, mysticism, literature, physics, biology, education, and criminology. He introduced the concepts of extraversion and introversion, and terms such as complex, archetype, individuation, and the collective unconscious. He stressed the primacy of finding meaning in our lives.

The Quotable Jungis the single most comprehensive collection of Jung quotations ever assembled. It is the essential introduction for anyone new to Jung and the Jungian tradition. It will also inspire those familiar with Jung to view him in an entirely new way.The Quotable Jungpresents hundreds of the most representative selections from the vast array of Jung's books, essays, correspondence, lectures, seminars, and interviews, as well as the celebratedRed Book, in which Jung describes his own fearsome confrontation with the unconscious. Organized thematically, this collection covers such topics as the psyche, the symbolic life, dreams, the analytic process, good and evil, creativity, alchemical transformation, death and rebirth, the problem of the opposites, and more. The quotations are arranged so that the reader can follow the thread of Jung's thought on these topics while gaining an invaluable perspective on his writings as a whole.

Succinct and accessible,The Quotable Jungalso features a preface by Judith Harris and a detailed chronology of Jung's life and work.
The single most comprehensive collection of Jung quotations ever assembledFeatures hundreds of quotesCovers such topics as the psyche, dreams, good and evil, death and rebirth, and moreIncludes a detailed chronology of Jung's life and workServes as the ideal introduction to Jung and the Jungian tradition

Table of Contents

Note to the Readerxiii


C. G. Jung Chronologyxvii


1. The Unconscious 1

2. The Structure of the Psyche 33

3. The Symbolic Life 56

4. Dreams 68

5. The Analytic Process 85

6. The Development of the Personality 100

7. Men and Women 127

8. Jung and Culture 137

9. The Problem of the Opposites 147

10. East and West 158

11. Religious Experience and God 170

12. Good and Evil 206

13. Body and Soul 217

14. Creativity and the Imagination 226

15. Alchemical Transformation 247

16. On Life 259

17. The Individuation Process 283

18. Death, Afterlife, and Rebirth 299

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