Aids To The Examination Of The Peripheral Nervous System

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Author O'brien, Michael
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Published in its original form in 1943 and now in its fifth edition, this is the standard photographic guide to the examination of patients with lesions of the peripheral nerves and nerve roots. It is illustrated with exceptionally clear photographs accompanied by appropriate anatomical diagrams. Ideal both as an introduction to the subject for the newcomer, but also as an aid for the experienced, this book is suitable for medical students, physiotherapists, neurologists, and doctors of all kinds.

Table of Contents
Spinal accessory nerve. Brachial plexus. Musculocutaneous nerve. Axillary nerve. Radial nerve. Median nerve. Ulnar nerve. Lumbosacral plexus. Nerves of the lower limb. Dermatomes. Nerves and root supply of muscles. Commonly tested movements.