Injection Techniques In Musculoskeletal Medicine

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Now in its fourth edition and with a new titleInjection Techniques in Musculoskeletal Medicine this successful step-by-step guide is a trusted resource used by a wide range of practitioners who have to deal with the management of painful joints and soft tissues, particularly in relation to sports and overuse injuries.Area by area, guidance is given for each lesion on appropriate patient selection and delivery of the drug. Every technique has its own two-page spread containing a written description along with an anatomical illustration of the region and a photograph showing the anatomical landmarks for the injection.This new edition is now accompanied by aTrainer available . Please see log on for further details on how to access the virtual training guide - introduced by Stephanie Saunders herself - which covers the top most common injection techniques for each of the body regions. Through key text, videos, animations and interactive self-assessment, users are tested on their knowledge of anatomical landmarks, differential diagnoses, assessment criteria, drug selection and technical skill. Further access is given to a library of over 50 video clips showing supplementary injection techniques which clearly demonstrate the correct anatomical position for each needle insertion.

Table of Contents
Section 1 INJECTION THERAPY THE EVIDENCE The evidence base for injection therapyCorticosteroids and local anaestheticsOther substances used for injection therapyLandmark and image guided injectionsAspiration and miscellaneous injectionsSafety, drugs and sport, medicolegal issuesSection 2 PRACTICAL GUIDELINES FOR INJECTION THERAPY OverviewHow to use this bookContraindications to injection therapyPreparation protocolInjection technique flowchartReferencesSection 3 UPPER LIMB INJECTIONS Examination of the upper limbThe shoulderThe elbowThe wrist and handTemporomandibular jointSummary of suggested upper limb dosagesSection 4 LOWER LIMB INJECTIONS Examination of the lower limbThe hipThe kneeThe ankle and footSummary of suggested lower limb dosagesSection 5 SPINAL INJECTIONS Spinal injection guidelinesExamination of the spineSpinal injection techniquesSummary of suggested spinal dosagesReferencesAppendix 1 Landmark technique accuracy and outcome studiesAppendix 2 Injection SurveyIndex