Davidson's Essentials Of Medicine

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Item#: 9780702055928
Edition 02
Author Innes, J Alastair (Ed)
Cover Paperback

For over half a centuryDavidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine has informed and educated students, doctors and other health professionals all over the world, providing a comprehensive account of the practice of medicine.Davidson's Essentials of Medicine provides the core content of the main textbook in a condensed format which will be invaluable whenever you are on the move - whether commuting, travelling between training sites, or on electives.

Table of Contents
Good medical practice

Ageing and disease

Critical care and emergency medicine


Infectious diseases

Clinical biochemistry and metabolism

Kidney and urinary tract disease

Cardiovascular disease

Respiratory disease

Endocrine disease

Diabetes mellitus

Gastrointestinal and nutritional disorders

Liver and biliary tract disease

Blood disorders

Rheumatology and bone disease

Neurological disease

Skin disease

Therapeutics and prescriptions

Interpreting key investigations

Laboratory reference ranges