Management Of Neck Pain Disorders

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Table of Contents
Section 1 Introduction1 Neck Pain DisordersSection 2 Clinical Sciences 2 Nociception and Pain perception3 Movement and Posture in Neck Pain Disorders4 Neural Tissue in Neck Pain Disorders5 Neuromuscular Disturbances in Neck Pain Disorders6 Sensorimotor Control Disturbances in Neck Pain Disorders7 Psychological and Social Considerations in Neck Pain DisordersSection 3 Clinical Assessment 8 Clinical Assessment: The patient interview9 Clinical Assessment: The physical examination10 The Differential Diagnosis of Symptoms and Signs of Sensorimotor Control Disturbances11 Headache: The Differential Diagnosis of Cervical Musculoskeletal Causes or ContributorsSection 4 Clinical Management 12 Principles of Management13 Communication, Education and Self-Management14 Management of Joint and Movement Dysfunction15 Management of Neuromuscular Dysfunction16 Management of Sensorimotor Control Disturbances17 Management of Nerve Tissue18 Case Presentations: Clinical reasoning and clinical decision making19 Concluding Remarks: Focussing on prevention