Herbs & Natural Supplements Vol 1: An Evidence-Based Guide

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Edition 04
Author Braun & Cohen
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Herbs and Natural Supplements, 4th Edition: An evidence-based guideis an authoritative, evidence-based reference. This two volume resource is essential to the safe and effective use of herbal, nutritional and food supplements.The first volume provides a foundation of knowledge in the clinical practice of complementary medicine.It emphasises safe practice with strategies to prevent adverse drug reactions, guidelines in assessing benefit, risk and harm and the evaluation of research.

Table of Contents
1 Introduction to complementary medicine2 Introduction to herbal medicine3 Introduction to clinical nutrition4 Introduction to aromatherapy5 Introduction to food as medicine6 Introduction to the practice of integrative medicine7 Safety of complementary medicines8 Interactions with herbal and natural medicines9 Preoperative care: considerations10 Cancer and the safety of complemenary medicines11 Herbs and natural supplements in pregnancy12 Introduction to wellness