Clinical Naturopathy: In Practice

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Clinical Naturopathy: In Practiceapplies the research, principles and treatment protocols outlined inClinical Naturopathy: An Evidence-Based Guide to Practice, 2nd Edition.<
>Written by a team of world-leading naturopathic practitioners and academics,Clinical Naturopathy: In Practicedemonstrates the clinical decision-making processes in treating common conditions. It shares the clinical experiences of the expert authors, provides a gold-standard, integrative approach to real-world cases, and will guide you to deliver better clinical outcomes for your patients.

Table of Contents
Evidence-based clinical naturopathic practice Chapter 1: Gastrointestinal SystemChapter 2: Respiratory SystemChapter 3 : Cardiovascular SystemChapter 4: Nervous SystemChapter 5: Endocrine SystemChapter 6: Reproductive SystemChapter 7: Musculoskeletal SystemChapter 8: Skin conditionsChapter 9: Urinary SystemChapter 10: CancerChapter 11: PaediatricsChapter 12: Infectious DiseasesChapter 13: Complex conditions