Hater: On The Virtues Of Utter Disagreeability

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Author Semley, John
Cover Hardback
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A timely manifesto urging us to think critically, form opinions, and then argue them with gusto.<
>Haterbegins from a simple premise: that it's good to hate things. Not people or groups or benign belief systems, butthings.More to the point, it's good to hate the things everyone seems to like.<
>    Scan the click-baiting headlines of your favorite news or pop-culture website and you're likely to find that just about everything is, supposedly, "what we need right now." We are the victims of an un
idled, unearned optimism. And our world demands pessimism. It's vital to be contrarian--now, as they say, more than ever. Because ours is an age of calcified consensus. And we should all hate that.<
>    In this scathing and funny rebuke of the status quo, journalist John Semley illustrates that looking for and identifying nonsense isn't just a useful exercise for society, it's also a lot of fun. ButHaterdoesn't just skewer terrible TV shows and hit songs--at its core it shows us how to meaningfully talk about and engage with culture, and the world. Ultimately,Hateris what we actually need right now.