Watercolor Cards

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Item#: 9780764357664
Author Rice, Kristy
Cover Cards

These beautiful cards invite you to pick up your brush and release your own creativity and imagination. Kristy Rice&s joy-focused approach to watercolor art has won the hearts of fans worldwide, and with this Artisan series set of cards, Rice offers ways for all levels of painters to make \"art for joy&s sake.\" Printed on high-quality textured art paper, the 12 flat cards with envelopes feature 12 different outlined images from the Painterly DaysandCutting Gardenwatercoloring books and are easily frameable. Each item in the Artisan series is designed to offer a specially crafted watercolor discovery glowing with Kristy Rice&s creative touch. Also in the series:The Art for Joy&s Sake Journal: Watercolor Discovery and Releasing Your Creative Spirit.