Stranger Music

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Author Cohen, Leonard
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Stranger Music: Selected Poems and Songscele
ates the astonishing career of Leonard Cohen, revered around the world as one of the great visionaries, writers, performers, and most consistently daring songwriters.<
>Cohen’s career began in 1956 with the publication ofLet Us Compare Mythologies, and he has since published eight books of poems – includingThe Spice-Box of Earth,Death of a Lady’s Man, andBook of Mercy– and has made numerous albums, becoming one of the most popular and influential artists in Canada, the United States, and Europe.<
>His first record,The Songs of Leonard Cohen, released in 1967, was a remarkable musical début and introduced some of his most famous songs, including “Suzanne,” “Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye,” and “Sisters of Mercy.” From then, and with each subsequent album, he earned the status as one of the most dazzlingly literate songwriters of our time.<
>Stranger Music
ings together for the first time a comprehensive selection of Leonard Cohen’s song lyrics and his poetry, including some poems not previously published. This landmark edition demonstrates the range and depth of Cohen’s work, revealing an extraordinary gift of language that speaks with rare clarity, passion, and timelessness.<
>From the Hardcover edition.