Colour Of Canada

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Author Macgregor & All Canada Photos
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From Roy Macgregor and the archives of All Canada Photos, and cele
ating our 150th anniversary, a full update of the classic book (over 1.5 million copies sold since 1967!) of magnificent photographs that portray the stirring beauty of our vast land.<
>In its day,The Colour of Canada, with text by Hugh MacLennan, sold over a million-and-a-half copies to Canadians and non-Canadians alike, making it one of the most beloved books of its kind ever published in this country. Sadly, it went out of print for M&S many years ago after an astonishing run (orignal edition, 1967, and subsequent revised editions in 1972, 1978, 1982, 1992). Our forthcoming sesquicentennial in 2017 is the perfect time to make this gem new again. With all new photographs from the prestigious All Canada Photos archive, and text throughout from our very own Roy MacGregor, we plan, no less, to out-do the original with a
eath-taking pictorial tour from Newfoundland to British Columbia to the Arctic. Reflecting his abiding love for this country, its history, its people -- and highlighting the extraoridnary changes since 1967 -- Roy MacGregor's text is the perfect complement to a collection of stunning, and rarely seen, photographs from many of the best photographers in Canada. The perfect gift for every Canadian of all ages and locations on our anniversary, as well as for the millions of tourists that come here every year to marvel at the sheer beauty of this land.