Lethal Legacy: Current Native Controversies In Canada

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Canadians greeted the disruptions in Native-newcomer relations that occasionally erupted during the 1990s with incomprehension. Politicians, journalists, and ordinary citizens understood neither how nor why the crisis of the moment had arisen, much less how its deep historical roots made it resistant to solutions. J.R. Miller believes that it takes a historical understanding of public policy affecting Canadian Natives to truly comprehend the issues and their ramifications. An expert on indigenous-newcomer relations, Miller uses his extensive research from conventional and Native sources to explore and explain the controversial issues facing Canadian Natives today. In five sections this book covers topics such as Native identity, self-government, treaties, attitudes to land and ownership, and assimilation. Miller acknowledges the fact that there are no easy solutions, but argues that greater understanding is the foundation for building successful relations between Natives and non-Natives in Canada.

Table of Contents
>"Designer Labels": Shaping Aboriginal Identity<
>"According To Our Ancient Customs": Self-<
>"A Strong Promise": Treaties<
>"All This Region Belonged To Him":Claims<
>"Left Hanging In The Middle": Assimilation<
>Making Our Way Forward<
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