Saanich Ethnobotany: Culturally Important Plants Of Wsanec..

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Nancy Turner and Richard Hebda present the results of many years of working with botanical experts from the Saanich Nation on southern Vancouver Island. Elders Violet Williams, Elsie Claxton, Christopher Paul and Dave Elliott pass on their knowledge of plants and their uses to future generations of Saanich and Coast Salish people, and to anyone interested in native plants. Saanich Ethnobotany includes detailed information about the plants that were traditionally harvested to use in all aspects of Saanich life, such as for food and medicines, and to make tools, buildings and weapons. Each plant is listed by its common (English), scientific and Saanich names. Each listing contains a
ief botanical description with a color photograph, where to find the plant and how it was used traditionally by the Saanich people. This important book cele
ates the richness and tremendous value of locally based knowledge in
a rapidly changing world.