Canadian Party System: An Analytic History

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Author Johnston, Richard
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The Canadian party system is a deviant case among the Anglo-American democracies. It has too many parties, it is susceptible to staggering swings from election to election, and its provincial and federal
anches often seem unrelated. Unruly and inscrutable, it is a system that defies logic and classification – until now.In this political science tour de force, Richard Johnston makes sense of the Canadian party system. With a keen eye for history and deft use of recently developed analytic tools, he articulates a series of propositions underpinning the system. Chief among them was domination by the centrist Liberals, stemming from their grip on Quebec, which blocked both the Conservatives and the NDP. He also takes a close look at other peculiarities of the Canadian party system, including the stunning discontinuity between federal and provincial arenas.For its combination of historical
eadth and data-intensive rigour,The Canadian Party Systemis a rare achievement. Its findings shed light on the main puzzles of the Canadian case, while contesting the received wisdom of the comparative study of parties, elections, and electoral systems elsewhere.

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In this long-awaited book, Richard Johnston combines an arsenal of recently developed analytic tools with a deep understanding of history to makes sense of the Canadian party system.

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1 Introduction2 Situating the Case3 Liberal Dominance, Conservative Interludes4 Liberal Centrism, Polarized Pluralism5 Catholics and Others6 The Life and Death of Insurgents7 Invasion from the Left8 System Dynamics, Coordination, and Fragmentation9 Federal-Provincial Discontinuity10 ConclusionAppendix: Data SourcesNotes; References; Index