It's All Good (Unless It's Not)

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Author Malette, Nicole
Cover Paperback
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Going to university or college is supposed to be great. But if it’s “all good” why is it sometimes hard just to get out of bed and go to class?

Research shows that mental health issues – such as anxiety and depression – are increasing among undergraduate students, but few access help when they need it.

It’s All Good (Unless It’s Not)is here to help. Written with compassion and insight, it tackles common sources of distress – including academic struggles, social isolation, parental pressure, and financial difficulties.

It covers everything from how your family background can influence your post-secondary experience to why itreally isa good idea to eat more vegetables.

Importantly, it outlines concrete steps you can take to meet challenges head-on and where to turn when more support is needed.

Packed with self-care strategies, quick tips, accounts from students, and fascinating facts drawn from the latest research, this is an indispensable mental health guide for anyone on the path to a college or university degree.

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It’s All Good (Unless It’s Not)explores frequent sources of undergraduate mental distress and the steps students can take to meet those challenges head-on.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Knowing You’re Not Alone

1 Managing the Transition to University

2 Valuing and Supporting Diversity

3 Understanding Mental Health

4 Meeting Academic Hurdles Head-On

5 Making Time for Friends and Extracurriculars

6 Going Out and Staying In

7 Doing It All and Still Having Time for You

8 Recognizing the Signs of Mental Illness

Conclusion: Keeping a Healthy Mind

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