Canadian Sioux

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The Canadian Sioux are descendants of Santees, Yanktonais, and Tetons from the United States who sought refuge in Canada during the 1860s and 1870s. Living today on eight reserves in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, they are the least studied of all the Sioux groups. This book, originally published in 1984, helps fill that gap in the literature and remains relevant even in the twenty-first century.
Based on Howard’s fieldwork in the 1970s and supplemented by written sources,The Canadian Sioux, Second Editiondescriptively reconstructs their traditional culture, many aspects of which are still practiced or remembered by Canadian Sioux although long forgotten by their relatives in the United States. Rich in detail, it presents an abundance of information on topics such as tribal divisions, documented history and traditional history, warfare, economy, social life, philosophy and religion, and ceremonialism. Nearly half the book is devoted to Canadian Sioux religion and describes such ceremonies as the Vision Quest, the Medicine Feast, the Medicine Dance, the Sun Dance, warrior society dances, and the Ghost Dance.
This second edition includes previously unpublished images, many of them photographed by Howard, and some of his original drawings.

Table of Contents
List of Illustrations Foreword Foreword to the Bison Books Edition Preface 1. Traditional Sioux Culture 2. Tribal Divisions Traditional Band Names The Canadian Reserves 3. The Sioux in Canada4. Traditional History 5. Warfare 6. Economy Wild Plant Foods Hunting Fishing Animal Husbandry Horticulture and Food Production Housing and Settlement Technology and Crafts Beadwork and Quillwork Clothing 7. Social Life Children Courtship and Marriage Kin Groups Kinship System Visiting Athletic Sports Gambling Games Social Dances 8. Philosophy and Religion Supernatural Beings Folktales Magic Doctoring Death and Burial 9. Ceremonialism, the Woodlands Heritage Vision Quest Prayer Feast and Medicine Feast Adoption Feast Medicine Dance Animal Dreamers 10. Ceremonialism, the Plains Heritage Sun Dance Horse Dance Warrior Society Dances Grass Dance Thachó, Warbonnet, and Buffalo Dances Heyókha Dance Ghost Dance Peyote Religion 11. The Canadian Sioux Today Appendix: List of Informants Bibliography Index