Physical Assessment Check-Off Notes

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Author Holloway, Brenda Walters
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A DAVIS&S NOTES BOOK!Reduce your anxieties and build the knowledge base and experience you need to pass the check-off exam. Based upon actual "check-off" forms that faculty commonly use for grading, this unique, pocket-sized guide gives you instant access to the information necessary for conducting and documenting a routine adult well-patient physical assessment. Full-color illustrations detail every assessment technique.

Table of Contents
Tab 1. Basics<
/>Tab 2. Integumentary and Lymph<
/>Tab 3. HEENT and Neck<
/>Tab 4. Chest<
/>Tab 5. Cardiovascular<
/>Tab 6. Abdomen<
/>Tab 7. Neuro and MS<
/>Tab 8. Female GYN and Male GU