Examination Of Orthopedic & Athletic Injuries

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"This is by far the most comprehensive and user-friendly text for both professor and student! I am continuing to use it in my Athletic Training Program, and beginning next year, I will institute it into my PT courses in Ortho I & II."-Vincent J. Hudson, MS, PT, ATC, MBA, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, review of a previous edition.Completely revised and updated, the 4th Edition of the field&s standard resource brings you all field&s most current knowledge and an all-new full-color art program. Its superb combination of detailed illustrations and precise language makes even the most complicated concepts and techniques clear.Organized by body region, each chapter begins with a review of anatomy and biomechanics; proceeds through clinical evaluation, pathologies, and related special tests; and concludes with a discussion of on-field or initial management of specific injuries.ThePlusCode inside new, printed texts gives you access to the instructor and student resources online at DavisPlus, including your Davis Digital Version, range of motion animations, and review questions for every chapter.

Table of Contents
I.     Foundations of Examination1.     The Examination Process2.     Examination and Management of Acute Conditions3.     Evidence-Based Practice in the Diagnostic Process4.     Injury Pathology Nomenclature5.     Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Techniques6.     Assessment of Posture7.     Evaluation of GaitII.     Lower Extremity Examination8.     Foot and Toe Pathologies9.     Ankle and Leg Pathologies10. Knee Pathologies11. Patellofemoral Pathologies12. Pelvis and Thigh PathologiesIII.    Torso Examination13. Lumbosacral Pathologies14. Cervical and Thoracic Spine and Thorax PathologiesIV.   Upper Extremity Examination15. Shoulder and Upper Arm Pathologies16. Elbow and Forearm Pathologies17. Wrist, Hand, and Finger PathologiesV.     Examination of the Head18. Eye Pathologies19. Face and Related Structure Pathologies20. Head and Acute Cervical Spine PathologiesAppendix A: Diagnostic Evidence References 
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