Complexity Leadership: Nursing's Role In Health-Care...

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Lead effectively in today&s complex health systems!Understand the complex adaptive systems of today&s healthcare organizations.Apply a new model of leadership to meet the demand for effective leaders.Use real-world case studies to learn how to apply theory to practice.Build your self-awareness and discover new ways to lead.<
/>Here&s the information you need to become an effective leader in today&s complex health system, effectively solve problems, and create optimal outcomes for your organization.As hospitals and healthcare organizations strive to meet standards to achieve status in the Magnet Hospital Recognition Program and address the issues in the Institute of Medicine&s Nursing Work Force Issues Initiative, they must be able to respond in ways that em
aces rapid change.The 2nd Edition of Dr. Diana M. Crowell&s ground
eaking text addresses the leadership roles advanced practice nurses can assume in this new environment. She defines the concept of complexity and teaches the leadership skills that are best suited for complex adaptive systems, while also enabling you to build the self-awareness you need to learn new ways to lead. Case studies help you apply your new skills and prepare for your advanced practice roles.

Table of Contents
I.     Complexity Science Concepts and Health Care Organizations1.     The Complexity Leadership Model2.     Major Concepts of Complexity Science Theory3.     Health Care Organizations as Complex Adaptive Systems4.     Health Care Organizational Studies, Theories, and Models Based on Complexity ScienceII.     Complexity Leadership Models, Styles, and Behaviors5.     Historical Transition From Classic to Complexity Leadership6.     Contemporary Leadership Models That Reflect Complexity7.     Essential Knowledge for Complexity Leaders8.     Interventions for Complexity LeadersIII.    Personal Being and Awareness9.     Personal Leadership Supporting Professional Leadership10.   Complexity Leadership: Personal and Professional Life Balance11.    Self-Reflective Practices for Personal Being And Awareness12.    The Call for Complexity LeadershipAnnotated Bibliography<