Sensory Integration

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The classic, go-to text on sensory integration for Occupational TherapistsCurrent theory and research based on the original work of A. Jean Ayres and applications of sensory integration to practiceCase studies covering a wide range of age groups and diagnoses

Table of Contents
Part I Theoretical Constructs<
/>1 Sensory Integration: A. Jean Ayres& Theory Revisited<
/>2 Sensory Integration in Everyday Life<
/>3 Composing a Theory: An Historical Perspective<
/>Part II The Neuroscience Basis of Sensory Integration Disorders<
/>4 Structure and Function of the Sensory Systems<
/>5 Praxis and Dyspraxia<
/>6 Sensory Modulation Functions and Disorders<
/>7 Sensory Discrimination Functions and Disorders<
/>Part III Tools for Assessment<
/>8 Assessment of Sensory Integration Functions Using the Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests<
/>9 Using Clinical Observations within the Evaluation Process<
/>10 Assessing Sensory Integrative Dysfunction Without the SIPT<
/>11 Interpreting and Explaining Evaluation Data<
/>Part IV Intervention<
/>12 The Art of Therapy<
/>13 The Science of Intervention: Creating Direct Intervention from Theory<
/>14 Distilling Sensory Integration Theory for Use: Making Sense of the Complexity<
/>Part V Complementing and Extending Theory and Application<
/>15 Advances in Sensory Integration Research: Clinically Based Research<
/>16 Advances in Sensory Integration Research: Basic Science Research<
/>17 Using Sensory Integration Theory in Coaching<
/>18 Complementary Programs for Intervention<
/>19 Application of Sensory Integration with Specific Populations<
/>Part VI Cases<
/>20 Planning and Implementing Intervention Using Sensory Integration Theory<
/>21 Planning and Implementing Intervention: A Case Example of a Child with Autism<
/>22 Viewing Intervention Through Different Lenses<
/>23 Is Sensory Integration Effective? A Complicated Question to End the BookAppendix - The STAR Process: An Overview<