Foundations Of Clinical Research

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Draw upon the foundations necessary for finding and interpreting research evidence across all healthcare professions.<
/>Revised to reflect the most current changes in the field of clinical research in rehabilitation and medicine, you&ll find a growing emphasis on evidence-based practice (EBP) as well as new vocabulary that is being integrated into research and practice across disciplines.

Table of Contents
I. Foundations of Clinical Research<
/>1.   A Concept of Clinical Research<
/>2.   The Role of Theory in Clinical Research<
/>3.   Ethical Issues in Clinical Research<
/>II. Concepts of Measurement<
/>4.   Principles of Measurement<
/>5.   Reliability of Measurements<
/>6.   Validity of Measurments<
/>III. Designing Clinical Research<
/>7.   Asking the Research Question<
/>8.   Sampling<
/>9.   Validity in Experimental Design<
/>10. Experimental Designs<
/>11. Quasi-Experimental Designs<
/>12. Single-Subject Designs<
/>13. Exploratory Research: Observational Designs<
/>14. Descriptive Research<
/>15. Surveys and Questionnaires<
/>16. Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis<
/>IV. Data Analysis<
/>17. Descriptive Statistics<
/>18. Statistical Inference<
/>19. Comparing Two Means: The t-Test<
/>20. Comparing More Than Two Means: Analysis of Variance<
/>21. Multiple Comparison Tests<
/>22. Nonparametric Tests for Group Comparisons<
/>23. Correlation<
/>24. Regression<
/>25. Measures of Association for Categorical Variables: Chi-Square<
/>26. Statistical Measures of Reliability<
/>27. Statistical Measures of Validity<
/>28. Epidemiology: Measuring Risk<
/>29. Multivariate Analysis<
/>30. Data Management<
/>V. Communication<
/>31. Searching the Literature<
/>32. Writing a Research Proposal<
/>33. Reporting the Results of Clinical Research<
/>34. Evaluating Research Reports<