Medsurg Notes: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide (Individual)

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Item#: 9780803657625
Edition 04
Author Hopkins, Tracey
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Provides a framework for thinking in urgent situations that addresses the clinical picture, immediate interventions, focused assessment, stabilizing and monitoring, and follow-up assessment and interventions.Covers advanced nursing procedures and concepts associated with 66 urgent clinical situations.Uses a systems approach, organized by symptom and medical diagnosis.Includes an A&P snapshot of the associated system in each section-9 in all.Provides a focused assessment tool for each body system and each clinical problem.Reviews IV therapy, including indications for crystalloids, colloids, or blood products administration.Uses HIPAA/OSHA compliant write-on pages that wipe clean with alcohol.

Table of Contents
/>2. RESP<
/>3. NEURO<
/>4. RENAL/F&E<
/>5. GI<
/>6. ENDO<
/>8. INFECT<
/>9. EMERG<
/>10. MEDS<
/>12. PAIN<