Joint Structure & Function: A Comprehensive Analysis

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TextFocuses on normal structure and functionrather than specific patient problems to show how deviations from normal may create or underlie dysfunction.Prepares students to evaluate and treat human movement disorders with lucid discussions of biomechanics, joint structure, connective tissue behavior, and muscle physiology.Features an evidence-based approach that applies current research to the challenges of daily practice.Clarifies key information with more than 800 photographs, radiographs, scans, and illustrations.Emphasizes the practical application of kinesiologic principles-and the close link between normal and disordered musculoskeletal function-with patient case studies at the beginning each chapter and case applications throughout the text.Highlights key points with \"Concept Cornerstone\" boxes and periodic summaries.Promotes critical thinking on controversial topics through \"Continuing Exploration\" boxes.Offers ‘Study Questions& at the end of each chapter. Kinesiology in ActionIntegrated eBook-Joint Structure & Functiontext in an easy-to-use, online format lets you do all your course reading and lessons online.Ten modules or lessons that each feature two pre-tests, practice activities, text and audio generation activities, and a post-test.High-quality videos that demonstrate the major concepts in each module.Discussion forums that provide opportunities to collaborate with your classmates.Gradebook that lets you tracks your progress every step of the way, so you&ll know exactly how you&re doing in the course. It also shows where you need to focus your studies until you&ve mastered the concepts and are ready to apply them in class and lab.

Table of Contents
I.  Joint Structure and Function: Foundational Concepts1.     Biomechanical Applications to Joint Structure and Function2.     Complexity of Human Joint Design<
/>3.     Muscle Structure and FunctionII.  Axial Skeletal Joint Complexes4.     The Verte
al Column5.     The Thorax and Chest Wall6.     The Temporomandibular JointIII. Upper Extremity Joint Complexes7.     The Shoulder Complex8.     The Elbow Complex9.     The Wrist and Hand Complex   IV. Lower Extremity Joint Complex<
/>10.  The Hip Complex11.  The Knee12.  The Ankle and Foot Complex    V.   Integrated Function13.  Posture                   14.  GaitIndex