Maternal & Newborn Success: A Q & A Review Applying...

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Author De Sevo, Margot
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Approximately 1,300 questions-all with rationales for both correct and incorrect answersOver 1,000 questionsplusa 100-question final examin the bookTwo, 90-question comprehensive exams, coded according to NCLEX descriptors online at DavisPlusOver 250 alternate-format question types that are distributed across the text, final exam, and the two online testsRationales for both correct and incorrect responsesTest-taking tipsfor selected questionsMost questions written at application and analysis level-just like the NCLEX exam.Introductory chapter on applying critical thinking to various question types.Questions that reflect the NCLEX&s increased emphasis on pharmacology and medication administration, management, delegation, and patient safety

Table of Contents
1. Introduction<
/>2. Sexuality, Fertility, and Genetics<
/>3. Women&s Health Issues<
/>4. Antepartum<
/>5. Intrapartum<
/>6. Normal Newborn<
/>7. Normal Postpartum<
/>8. High-Risk Antepartum<
/>9. High-Risk Intrapartum<
/>10. High-Risk Newborn<
/>11. High-Risk Postpartum<
/>12. Comprehensive Examination