Pharm Phlash! Pharmacology Flash Cards

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A color-coded, body-system organization reflects the information common to classes of medicationsEach card features a single generic drug or a medication group, and details…action • use • pre-administration vital signs • laboratory data assessment • drug levels • patient teaching • and more\"Make the Connection\"areas that depict information crucial to safe medication and help to increase critical thinking skills and clinical applicability\"Keep in Mind\"sections that provide key nursing considerations and include client teachingRoute/dosage information on the back of each cardCommon ab
eviations appear on each card, with a summary of the ab
eviations on separate, introductory cardsA comprehensive alphabetical Index makes it easy to locate drugs within the deck by trade, generic, or Canadian
and name

Table of Contents
Key to Icons<
/>Key to Ab
/>IntroductionDrug Cards covering...Gastrointestinal<
/>Immune System<
/>Central Nervous System<