Evidence Based Physical Therapy

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Features a five-step process for evidence-based practice.Step 1.  Identify the need for information and construct a focused and searchable clinicalquestion.Step 2. Conduct asearchto find the best possible research evidence to answer your question.Step 3.  Criticallyappraisethe research evidence for validity and applicability.Step 4.  Integratethe critically appraised research evidence with clinical expertise and the patient&s values, preferences, circumstances, and expectations.Step 5. Evaluatethe effectiveness and efficacy of your efforts in steps 1-4 and identify ways to improve them in the future.Coverage of the clinically relevant statistics and key statistical analyses that inform clinical decisions, such as confidence intervals, effect size, number needed to treat, and minimal clinically important difference.Offers key statistical analyses that inform clinical decisions, including confidence intervals, effect size, number needed to treat (NNT), and minimal clinically important differences.Includes special pedagogical elements such as specific search strategies for Searching in Pub Med, Self-Tests, Digging Deeper elements for further study, and abundant clinical case examples.Assists students in the use of current technology to enhance and communicate EBP.

Table of Contents
I: Finding and Appraising Evidence to Improve Patient Care<
/>1. The Evidence Based Practice Model<
/>2. Asking a Clinical Question and Searching for Research Evidence<
/>3. Critically Appraise the Applicability and Quality of a Research Study<
/>4. Critically Appraise the Results of a Research Study<
/>II: Appraising Other Types of Studies: Beyond the Randomized Clinical Trial<
/>5. Appraising Diagnostic Research Studies<
/>6. Appraising Prognostic Research Studies<
/>7. Appraising Research Studies of Systematic Reviews<
/>8. Appraising Clinical Practice Guidelines<
/>9. Appraising Studies with Alternative Designs<
/>10. Appraising Research Studies of Outcome Measures<
/>III: Communication and Technology for Evidence Based Practice<
/>11. Communicating Evidence for Best Practice<
/>12. Technology and Evidence Based Practice in the Real World<
/>Appendix A<