Physical Rehabilitation

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Features more than 60 narrated, full-color video clips of patients in treatment, including the initial examination, interventions, and outcomes for a variety of the conditions commonly seen in rehabilitation settings.Incorporates current research in basic and clinical sciences with physical therapy assessments and treatment procedures.Includes \"Evidence Summary\"tables in most chapters which evaluate current research on specific topics and support evidence-based practice.Enhances critical-thinking skills with open-ended clinical case studies.Covers strategies for fall prevention, virtual reality rehabilitation, body-weight treadmill training, and upper extremity amputations and prosthetics.Integrates the goals, examination procedures, and interventions of the APTA&sGuideto Physical Therapist Practice.

Table of Contents
Section One: Clinical Decision Making and Examination<
/>1. Clinical Decision Making<
/>2. Examination of Vital Signs<
/>3. Examination of Sensory Function<
/>4. Musculoskeletal Examination<
/>5. Examination of Motor Function: Motor Control and Motor Learning<
/>6. Examination of Coordination and Balance<
/>7. Examination of Gait<
/>8. Examination of Function<
/>9. Examination and Modification of the Environment<
/>Section Two: Intervention Strategies for Rehabilitation<
/>10. Strategies to Improve Motor Function<
/>11. Strategies to Improve Locomotor Function<
/>12. Chronic Pulmonary Dysfunction<
/>13. Heart Disease<
/>14. Vascular, Lymphatic, and Integumentary Disorders<
/>15. Stroke<
/>16. Multiple Sclerosis<
/>17. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis<
/>18. Parkinson&s disease<
/>19. Traumatic Brain Injury<
/>20. Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury<
/>21. Vestibular Disorders<
/>22. Amputation<
/>23. Arthritis<
/>24. Burns<
/>25. Chronic Pain<
/>26. Psychosocial Issues in Physical Rehabilitation<
/>27. Cognitive and Perceptual Dysfunction<
/>28. Neurogenic Disorders of Speech and Language<
/>29. Promoting Health and Wellness<
/>Section Three: Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Seating and Wheeled Mobility<
/>30. Orthotics<
/>31. Prosthetics<
/>32. Seating and Wheeled Mobility<