Ortho Notes: Clinical Examination Pocket Guide

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Each joint tab features the information needed to progress from the initial assessment of the patient through the specific tests that will determine the plan of care.Illustrated anatomy&What are the bony landmarks. innervations, nerve roots and specific nerves?Medical Red Flag&Should treatment proceed or should the patient be referred to another medical professional?Toolbox Tests&How do you assess a patient&s pain while doing everyday activities?Referral Patterns&Where does the pain start and where does it spread?Palpation&Where to palpate and how to assess the muscles?ROM&How do you assess the client&s range of motion?Osteokinematics and Arthrokinematics&What do ROMs tell you about the patient&s mobility?Strength and Function&What muscles and nerves make the muscle move and how does it move?Special Tests&What are the most commonly used tests and measures; how do you perform them and what are their sensitivity and specificity.The Alerts/Alarms tab includes charts and tables for patient management, medical conditions related to gender and age, vital signs, and ab
eviations.The art program features photographs, line drawings, and overlays to enhance understanding of specific tests, palpation pearls, pain referral patterns, and trigger points.HIPAA-compliant, write-on/wipe off pages are reusable.

Table of Contents
Tab 1: Alerts and Alarms<
/>Tab 2: Shoulder<
/>Tab 3: Elbow<
/>Tab 4: Wrist and Hand<
/>Tab 5: Spine<
/>Tab 6: Hip<
/>Tab 7: Knee<
/>Tab 8: Ankle and Foot<