Rn Pocket Procedures

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Step-by-step, illustrated guidance for 120 commonly performed procedures.Procedures organized alphabetically by name; divided into eight, color-coded sections; and indexed for rapid referenceContent covering…client safety tips • nursing implications • client education • and maternity/pediatrics • and gerontology\"Quick Glance\" sections listing the appropriate supplies and equipment needed for each procedureOver 130 full-color illustrations guiding you through both simple and complex procedures.\"Nursing Alerts\" providing critical safety informationPocket-sized, waterproof, write-on/wipe off pages that let you take notes in any setting

Table of Contents
Procedure Guidelines<
/>120 procedures from Airway&Maneuver for Opening through Wound Therapy&Negative PressurePostprocedure Guidelines<
/>Assessment Overview<
/>Safety/ Tools<
/>Back Cover<
/>Pupil Gauge<
/>Metric Ruler