Peds Notes: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide

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Item#: 9780803675940
Edition 02
Author Linnard-Palmer, Luanne
Cover Paperback
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Comprehensive growth and development review with expected behaviors and skills for each age/developmental levelA summary of the most frequently encountered pediatric pathologies and subsequent assessments, treatments and nursing care along with evidence-based practice tipsCoverage of important skills, including equipment size, when appropriate, andcurrent practice protocols on central lines and other technologiesComprehensive resource list providing information for pediatric nurses and families about child disease processes and conditionsSection on mnemonics for important assessment and care informationIndex that includes terms important to pediatrics

Table of Contents
Contents (tab ab
eviations in parentheses)<
/>Tab 1 Basics (BASICS)<
/>Tab 2 Safety (SAFETY)<
/>Tab 3 Play (PLAY)<
/>Tab 4 Assessment (ASSESS)<
/>Tab 5 Pain (PAIN)<
/>Tab 6 Nutrition (NUTRI)<
/>Tab 7 Transfusions (TRANS)<
/>Tab 8 Medications (MEDS)<
/>Tab 9 Clinical Skills (CLIN SKILLS)<
/>Tab 10 Emergencies (EMERG)<
/>Tab 11 Pathology A-G (PATHO A-G)<
/>Tab 12 Pathology H-Q (PATHO H-Q)<
/>Tab 13 Pathology R-Z (PATHO R-Z)<
/>Tab 14 Tools (TOOLS)