Negotiations In The Indigenous World: Aboriginal Peoples...

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Author O'faircheallaigh, Ciaran
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Negotiated agreements play a critical role in setting the conditions under which resource development occurs on Indigenous land. Our understanding of what determines the outcomes of negotiations between Indigenous peoples and commercial interests is very limited. With over two decades experience with Indigenous organisations and communities, Ciaran O¿Faircheallaigh's book offers the first systematic analysis of agreement outcomes and the factors that shape them, based on evaluative criteria developed especially for this study; on an analysis of 45 negotiations between Aboriginal peoples and mining companies across all of Australia¿s major resource-producing regions; and on detailed case studies of four negotiations in Australia and Canada.

Table of Contents
CONTENTS:  1. Introduction: Indigenous peoples, mineral development and negotiation  2. Analysing Negotiations: Theory and Method  3. Aboriginal peoples and mining negotiations in Australia and Canada: context and issues  4. Criteria for evaluating negotiation outcomes  5. Outcomes from negotiations in Australia: A macro analysis  6. Bauxite mining in Western Cape York, Queensland  7. Silica sand mining on North Strad
oke Island  8. The Ekati diamond mine, Northwest Territories  9. The Voisey¿s Bay nickel project, La
ador  10. Conclusion: Explaining and improving negotiation outcomes

Review Quotes
"A comprehensive analysis encapsulating a lifetime of field experience and prodigious research in an arena closely contested by lawyers who guard their words and actions behind a cloak of confidentiality. Sunlight finds it hard to penetrate this thicket; Ciaran O¿Faircheallaigh has worked marvels clearing the undergrowth to expose and forensically analyse the detail of negotiations between mining companies and Aboriginal groups."¿ Bruce Harvey, University of Queensland "This is a sensitive and perceptive account written by a scholar who has seen negotiations between indigenous peoples and extractive industries from the inside. These negotiations are where many of the final effects of extractive industry on indigenous communities are worked out, yet until this book we knew very little about the nature, dynamics and outcomes of such negotiations. Ciaran O¿Faircheallaigh combines his experience as a direct participant, his longstanding relations with aboriginal groups, a mastery of both the conceptual and empirical literature and an extensive review of documented cases to give us an unparalleled book. Remarkably useful and insightful."¿Anthony Bebbington, Director, Graduate School of Geography, Clark University, and Professorial Research Fellow, School for Environment, Education and Development, University of Manchester