Operations Management In Healthcare: Strategy & Practice

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This comprehensive, practice-oriented text illustrates how healthcare organizations can gain a competitive edge through superior operations. Underscoring the importance of a strategic perspective, the book describes how to attain excellence in the four competitive priorities: quality (laying the foundation for performance), cost, timeliness, and flexibility. It stresses the benefits of aligning the entire operations system within the parameters of a business strategy. The text equips students with a conceptual mental model of healthcare operations in which all concepts and tools fit together.With a hands-on approach, the book clearly demonstrates the how-tos of effectively managing a healthcare organization. It describes how to negotiate the different perspectives of clinicians and administrators by offering a common platform for building competitive advantage. To
ing the cultural context of a healthcare organization to life, the book engages students with a series of short vignettes of a fictitious healthcare organization as it strives for and achieves the status of a highly reliable organization. Integrated throughout are a variety of tools with step-by-step instructions to assist in problem solving and process improvements. The book provides mind maps to link competitive priorities and concepts, quick-reference icons, dashboards displaying measurement and progress tracking, quantitative techniques, and boxed features. Also included are several project ideas, team assignments, and creative thinking exercises. A comprehensive Instructor Packet, video tutorials, and other student resources.Key Features:Mind maps to connect competitive priorities, concepts, and toolsMarginal icons throughout the text to indicate the competitive priorities supported by the concepts and tools being discussedProvides an extensive tool kit for problem solving and process improvementsEmphasizes measurement with dashboards and includes supplemental data files for statistical process control, queuing, and simulationVivid vignettes demonstrate human dynamics, organizational challenges, and how to apply toolsBoxed features address frequently asked questions and real-world implementations of conceptsA comprehensive Instructor Packet, video tutorials, and other student resources.

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Describes how to build a competitive edge by developing a superior operationThis graduate-level, practice-oriented handbook teaches students how to hone a competitive edge in a health care delivery organization (HDOs) by developing a superior operation. Demonstrating how-to concepts and tools, the text delivers information on achieving excellence by balancing four competitive priorities: quality, cost, timeliness, and flexibility. It
idges the gap between the perspectives of clinicians and administrators to provide a common platform and framework for building a competitive advantage. Not only does the text equip students with the capability to adapt to change, but promotes the ability to anticipate change—change that will surely occur as health care continues to undergo vast and rapid evolution.

Table of Contents
CONTENTSForeword Kathleen M. Sutcliffe, MDPrefacePART I. GETTING ORGANIZED TO PURSUE EXCELLENCE IN HEALTHCARE DELIVERY1.Healthcare: Past, Present, and Future2.Strategy3.Project ManagementPART II. COMPETING ON QUALITY4.Quality Management5.Statistical Process Control6.Six Sigma and LeanPART III: COMPETING ON DELIVERY7.Process Analysis and Design8.Capacity and Demand9.Scheduling Staff, Patients, and JobsPART IV: COMPETING ON COST10.Forecasting Demand11.Supply Chain Management12.Cost: Basic ConceptsPART V: COMPETING ON FLEXIBILITY13.Anticipating and Adapting to Change14.Health IT: An Enabler of FlexibilityPART VI: CONNECTING THE CONCEPTS AND REAPING THE REWARDS15.Accreditation, Awards, and the Highly Reliable OrganizationAppendix: Standard Normal Distribution TableIndex