Essentials Of Clinical Infectious Diseases

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Praise for the previous edition:"Approaches near perfection...This is an excellent introduction to infectious diseases by a group of authors who take a straightforward and bullet-point approach to thinking and talking about clinical issues..."-Doody's ReviewsUpdated second edition of the concise but comprehensive handbook of clinical infectious disease for students, residents, primary care medical providers, nurses, and PAs. Written in outline format with short, focused chapters, the book presents a systematic method for understanding basic mechanisms, establishing a diagnosis, and implementing appropriate treatment for commonly encountered problems.Essentials of Clinical Infectious Diseases, Second Editionbegins with a general framework covering clinical reasoning, antimicrobial agents and microbiology, and antimicrobial stewardship. Individual chapters devoted to the
oad range of infectious diseases are organized by body system and feature targeted presentation of pathogenesis and risk factors, microbial causes, clinical manifestations, patient work-up, diagnostic criteria, and medical, antimicrobial, and surgical management. The book also addresses important related topics including fever and neutropenia, approach to evaluating ectoparasite-related infections, sepsis and travel medicine, infection control, and hospital epidemiology. Designed for busy practitioners at any level looking to sharpen the clinical problem-solving skills required to provide the highest quality care to patients with infectious diseases.Key Features:Presents core clinical infectious disease topics in concise easy-to-read formatRevised and updated to reflect recent developments in the field consistent with evidence-based literature and current clinical practice guidelinesSix new chapters on Lyme disease, anorectal infections, travel medicine, dental infections, antimicrobial stewardship, and clinical reasoning and statisticsFocus on the approach to evaluation and management of the patientIncorporates essential antimicrobial therapy information with adult, pediatric, and OB-GYN dosing considerations

Table of Contents
CONTENTSContributorsPrefaceAcknowledgmentsShare Essentials of Clinical Infectious Diseases, Second EditionI. INTRODUCTION TO CLINICAL INFECTIOUS DISEASES1. Introduction and Basics of Clinical ReasoningWilliam F. Wright2. Introduction to Antimicrobial StewardshipSusan L. DeBiaseWilliam F. Wright3. Introduction to Antimicrobial AgentsEmily L. HeilNeha U. ShethWilliam F. Wright4. Introduction to Medical MicrobiologyNicole M. ParrishStefan RiedelII. APPROACH TO FEVER AND LEUKOCYTOSIS5. Fever of Unknown OriginWilliam F. Wright6. LeukocytosisWilliam F. WrightIII. APPROACH TO BLOODSTREAM AND CARDIOVASCULAR INFECTIONS7. Infective EndocarditisJennifer HussonWilliam F. Wright8. Infectious MyocarditisWilliam F. Wright9. Cardiovascular Implantable Prosthetic Device InfectionsWilliam F. Wright10. Infections Involving Intravascular Catheters and Suppurative ThrombophlebitisEric CoxKerri A. ThomIV. APPROACH TO PULMONARY INFECTIONS11. PneumoniaUlrike K. BuchwaldDevang M. Patel12. EmpyemaGonzalo LuizagaLuciano KapelusznikWilliam F. Wright13. Lung AbscessAdrian MajidUlrike K. BuchwaldDevang M. Patel14. TuberculosisDavid W. KeckichUlrike K. BuchwaldV. APPROACH TO GASTROINTESTINAL INFECTIONS15. DiverticulitisWilliam F. Wright16. AppendicitisWilliam F. Wright17. Pancreatic InfectionsWilliam F. Wright18. Infectious PeritonitisWilliam F. Wright19. Infectious DiarrheaWilliam F. Wright20.Clostridium difficileColitisRyan S. ArnoldWilliam F. Wright21. Infectious Gastritis-Helicobacter pyloriWilliam F. Wright22. Anorectal Abscess and Fistula-in-AnoWilliam F. WrightVI. APPROACH TO HEPATOBILIARY INFECTIONS23. CholecystitisWilliam F. Wright24. Acute CholangitisWilliam F. WrightVII. APPROACH TO HEPATIC INFECTIONS25. Hepatic AbscessWilliam F. Wright26. Hepatitis AWilliam F. Wright27. Hepatitis BLuciano KapelusznikRohit TalwaniWilliam F. Wright28. Hepatitis CRohit TalwaniLuciano KapelusznikWilliam F. WrightVIII. APPROACH TO RENAL-URINARY INFECTIONS29. Urinary Tract InfectionsJanaki C. KuruppuWilliam F. Wright30. Pyelonephritis and Renal AbscessJason BaileyJanaki C. KuruppuWilliam F. Wright31. Catheter-Related Urinary Tract InfectionsClare RockKerri A. ThomWilliam F. WrightIX. APPROACH TO NEUROLOGICAL INFECTIONS32. Meningitis and VentriculitisWilliam F. Wright33. Infectious EncephalitisWilliam F. Wright34. Brain AbscessWilliam F. WrightX. APPROACH TO ORTHOPEDIC-RELATED INFECTIONS35. OsteomyelitisWilliam F. Wright36. Mandibular and Maxillary OsteomyelitisWilliam F. Wright37. Septic ArthritisWilliam F. Wright38. Periprosthetic Joint InfectionsWilliam F. WrightXI. APPROACH TO SKIN AND SOFT-TISSUE INFECTIONS39. Non-Necrotizing Skin and Soft-Tissue InfectionsWilliam F. Wright40. Necrotizing Skin and Soft-Tissue InfectionsWilliam F. Wright41. Diabetic Foot InfectionsWilliam F. WrightXII. APPROACH TO SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTIONS42. Sexually Transmitted DiseasesEric CoxLeonard A. Sowah43. HIV and AIDSShivakumar NarayananGuesly DelvaRobert R. RedfieldBruce L. GilliamXIII. APPROACH TO INFECTIONS RELATED TO OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY44. Obstetrics and Gynecology-Related InfectionsJennifer HussonLeonard A. SowahXIV. APPROACH TO EYE INFECTIONS45. Infectious KeratitisJason BaileyAnthony AmorosoWilliam F. Wright46. EndophthalmitisAdrian MajidAnthony AmorosoWilliam F. WrightXV. APPROACH TO SEPSIS47. Sepsis and Septic ShockJohn VazDevang M. PatelWilliam F. WrightXVI. APPROACH TO TRANSPLANT-RELATED INFECTIONS48. Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant InfectionsMichael TablangDavid J. Riedel49. Solid-Organ Transplant InfectionsMichael TablangCharles E. DavisXVII. APPROACH TO ECTOPARASITE-RELATED INFECTIONS50. Lyme DiseaseWilliam F. WrightXVIII. INFECTION CONTROL AND EPIDEMIOLOGY51. Travel MedicineSusan L. DeBiaseWilliam F. Wright52. Basic Approach to Infection Control and EpidemiologyClare RockSurbhi LeekhaIndex