Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Intensive Review

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Note to Readers:Publisher does not guarantee quality or access to any included digital components if book is purchased through a third-party seller.Now with a free mobile & web app with print purchase!Doody's Medical Review: 100 Points; 5 Stars (First Edition)The third edition of this highly acclaimed review continues to promote efficient, time-saving study by synthesizing the complex knowledge needed to pass the exam into a concise, well-organized format. It is updated with key information about the newANCC and AANPCB certification exams, including new test format questions featuring photos of skin and eye conditions and EKGs, and more challenging drag and-drop and multiple-choice questions. Also new to the third edition is more detailed information about nonclinical topics on the exam, including research, ethics, medico-legal issues, advanced practice law, health practices of major cultures, and reimbursement guidelines.One hundred new review questionsthroughout the book and on the practice exam-including answer key and rationale-increase the total number of questions to more than 700.Designed to help FNP students boost their confidence through intensive review and high-quality questions, the third edition features succinct, precisely targeted "need-to-know" details of diseases commonly seen in primary care. It covers the entire life span from pediatrics through geriatrics, and offers extensivetest-taking techniquesand question dissection and analysis sections that provide strategies for identifying the best clues during the problem-solving process.Organized by body system, sections are consistently formatted and encompass Danger Signals, Normal Findings, Lab Findings, Benign Variants, and individual Disease Review topics for each system. Additional outstanding features includeExam Tips and Clinical Pearlsthat help to focus system study on key information.NEW TO THE THIRD EDITIONUpdated information reflecting the new FNP certification examNew test format questions used by the AANC, including photos of skin and eye conditions, EKGs, and more complex drag-and-drop and multiple-choice questions100 new in-depth review questions for a total of more than 700Differential Diagnosis in table formatAdditional information about nonclinical topics including culture, spirituality, and health practices; evidence-based medicine; and moreKEY FEATURESProvides a succinct, precisely targeted review of diseases commonly seen in primary careDelineates strategic "question dissection techniques" for study success developed by the authorIncludes Exam Tips and Clinical Pearls to help prioritize and interpret test contentOutlines Normal Findings and Benign Variants in physical assessment of each body systemOffers intensive pharmacology reviewApp included!Includes all the high-quality content from the book!Information at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.Available on iOS, Android, and the web, with a powerful, simple-to-use interface.700+ board-style questions and answersAPP INCLUDED WITH PRINT PURCHASE

Table of Contents
ContentsContributors and ReviewersPrefaceAcknowledgmentsSECTION I: EXAM AND HEALTH SCREENING OVERVIEW1.Certification Exam Information2.Question Dissection and Analysis3.Pharmacology ReviewSECTION II: SYSTEMS REVIEW4.Health Screening and Health Promotion Review5.Head, Ear, Eyes, Nose, and Throat Review6.Skin and Integumentary System Review7.Cardiovascular System Review8.Pulmonary System Review9.Endocrine System Review10.Gastrointestinal System Review11.Renal System Review12.Nervous System Review13.Hematological System Review14.Musculoskeletal System Review15.Psychosocial Mental Health ReviewSECTION III: REPRODUCTIVE REVIEW16.Men's Health Review17.Women's Health Review18.Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) or Infections (STIs) Review19.Women's Health: Pregnancy and Childbirth ReviewSECTION IV: PEDIATRICS AND ADOLESCENTS REVIEW20.Pediatrics Review: Newborns21.Pediatrics Review: Toddlers (Ages 2 to 3 Years)22.Pediatrics Review: School-Age Children (Including Preschool)23.Adolescents ReviewSECTION V: GERONTOLOGY REVIEW24.Body and Metabolic Changes in the Older Adult25.Common Disorders in GeriatricsSECTION VI: PROFESSIONAL ISSUES REVIEW26.Ethical Guidelines and Advanced Practice Law27.Professional Roles and Reimbursement28.Culture and Spiritually Related Health Beliefs29.Nursing Research Review30.Evidence-Based Medicine and EpidemiologySECTION VII: PRACTICE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS31.Practice Questions32.Answers With RationalesAb
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