Fast Facts For The Clinical Nursing Instructor

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Edition 03
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Full of new information that helps nurses become first-rate clinical instructorsNewly expanded and updated with a wealth of practical information, the third edition of this best-selling Fast Facts guide offers pragmatic advice on how to tailor teaching to nurses of various backgrounds in different clinical sites and specialties. It also addresses new requirements regarding online learning and hospital electronic documentation. In addition, by providing concrete tools for anxiety and stress reduction, this edition considers the importance of self-care.Following the instructor from day 1 through an entire rotation, the book helps readers organize the clinical experience, develop effective relationships with staff at clinical facilities, make clinical assignments, plan orientation days, develop clinical rotations, and understand relevant legal issues. It covers key information about policies and procedures, from school to clinical site. Delivered in a concise, quick-access, easy-to-read format, the book helps both new and experienced instructors optimize the learning experience for their students.New to the Third Edition:Describes how to tailor teaching to various clinical sites, specialties, and different student populationsProvides helpful stress- and anxiety-reduction tools for instructors and their studentsCovers the requirements of online learning and hospital electronic documentationHighlights ways to retain clinical facultyKey Features:Disseminates practical information in concise, quick-access "Fast Facts" styleUseful for both novice and experienced clinical instructorsDescribes what every clinical instructor needs to know about policies and procedures, from school to clinical siteDiscusses documentation and student evaluations, student clinical conferences, and NCLEX® preparationReviews legal issues, including confidentiality and patient privacy