Physical Assessment Of The Newborn: A Comprehensive...

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"The text is... a core text for any program preparing individuals for advanced practice roles in perinatal and neonatal care, and it should be a resource in every setting providing care to neonates. At all levels of practice, it serves as a convenient reference to normal parameters, common variations, and less commonly seen abnormalities."--Susan Tucker Blackburn, RN, PhD, FAANAuthor ofMaternal, Fetal, and Neonatal Physiology: A Clinical PerspectiveFrom the ForewordThe newly revised, 25th Anniversary Edition of this definitive publication on neonatal care continues to illustrate how to systematically and accurately gather assessment data and interpret results. Because even normal newborns feature a tremendous range of physical variation, subtle signs that indicate internal malformations or syndromes may escape notice without a proper assessment. Many problems in the neonate can be noticed early by an astute nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician with honed assessment skills, long before electronic monitors or other equipment can detect them.Physical Assessment of the Newborn, Sixth Editionaddresses the physical, physiologic, neurologic, and behavioral implications of a thorough assessment, and explains how healthcare providers can reduce the risks associated with the transition to extrauterine life and the neonatal period. Grounded with a scientific basis and rationale, each system assessment represents the most up-to-date clinical content. Because assessment skills are such an integral aspect of practice, many individuals take them for granted, yet all health professionals who perform newborn examinations, including nurses, neonatal and pediatric nurse practitioners, nurse-midwives, physicians, and therapists can benefit from the essential content presented in this book, as well as students preparing for advanced practice roles in neonatal care.New to the Sixth Edition:Provides clinical updates throughoutPresents an Enhanced Art ProgramOffers an all-new chapter on the Opioid-Dependent NeonateIncludes an Image Bank and Power PointsKey Features:Addresses all key aspects of newborn assessmentProvides a well-organized evaluation of individual body systemsAssist practitioners in identifying infant state, behavioral clues, and signs of painExamines the tremendous range of variation among newborns of different gestational agesProvides Antepartum Tests and Intrapartum MonitoringWritten in an easy-to-read, user-friendly styleContains tables, figures, and numerous full color photos and illustrations