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Translates difficult concepts into easy-to-master competenciesThis is a user-friendly, step-by-step approach to the challenging clinical topic of Arrhythmia and 12-lead EKG interpretation in the Critical Care andAcute Care settings. Thoroughly researched and authored by nurses for nurses, the guide provides detailed and comprehensive concepts of Arrhythmia and12-lead EKG interpretation with an emphasis on the nurse's role. Written by nurses with extensive experience in mentoring novice and experienced nurses asthey transition into the Critical Care arena, the book delivers the depth and
eadth of knowledge required for mastery of this aspect of care forcritically ill patients throughout the lifespan.Distinguished by its translation of difficult concepts into easy-to-master competencies, the guide' clear, logical format is peppered with evidence-based information and helpful practical tips throughout. Such features as bulleted points aid in understanding complex concepts, and learning objectives, keypoints summarized for quick reference to reinforce knowledge. Additionally, the book includes learning activities to evaluate understanding of content,plentiful illustrative case studies, clinical pearls, references, and end-of-chapter review questions. Unique electronic aids that include Cue Cards and Systematic Approach summaries to further add to the guide's value. The guide will be a valuable learning tool for RNs preparing for certification incritical care, experienced critical care nurses and a timesaving teaching aid for critical care clinical educators.Key Features:Delivers the necessary depth and
eadth to truly understand and master Arrhythmia and 12-Lead EKG InterpretationTranslates complex information into easy-to-master competencies<
/>'Ä¢ Written by nurses for nurses with an emphasis on the nurse's rolePresents a unique electronic component, bulleted points, key summaries, clinical pearls, case studies, and review questionsRepresents a timesaving teaching aid and learning tool

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This is an authoritative, yet clear and accessible, step-by-step approach to the challenging clinical topic of arrhythmia and 12-lead EKG interpretation in Critical Care and Acute Care settings. Written by nurses for practicing nurses, nursing students, and nursing educators, the book helps to foster the
eadth and depth of knowledge and mastery of competency that is essential to safely and effectively caring for critically ill patients across the lifespan, including the geriatric critical care patient.

Table of Contents
ContentsPrefaceAcknowledgments1.Basic Anatomy and Physiology: HighlightsWendy Preiano2.Arrhythmias: Sinus and Atrial3.Arrhythmias: Junctional and Ventricular4.Arrhythmias: Atrioventricular Blocks5.Arrhythmias: Asystole, Pulseless Electrical Activity, and Paced Rhythms6.12-Lead EKG Overview7.Special SituationsAnswersIndex