Land Not Forgotten: Indigenous Food Security & Land-Based...

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Food insecurity takes a disproportionate toll on the health of Canada's Indigenous people.A Land Not Forgottenexamines the disruptions in local food practices as a result of colonization and the cultural, educational and health consequences of those disruptions. This multidisciplinary work demonstrates how some Indigenous communities in northern Ontario are addressing the challenges to food security through the restoration of land-based cultural practices.

Table of Contents
Prologue Introduction Ch. 1 What Happened to Indigenous Food Sovereignty in Northern Ontario Ch. 2 Understanding the Legacy of Colonial Contact from a Physiological Perspective Ch. 3 Collaborative Responses to Rebuilding LocalFood Autonomy in Three Indigenous Communities in Northwestern Ontario Ch. 4 Traversing the Terrain of Indigenous Land-Based Education Ch. 5 Pimatisiwin: Women, Wellness, and Land-Based Practices for Omushkego Youth Conclusion