Rekindling The Sacred Fire: Metis Ancestry & Anishinaabe...

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Why don?t more M├ętis people go to traditional ceremonies? How does going to ceremonies impact M├ętis identity? InRekindling the Sacred Fire,Chantal Fiola investigates the relationship between Red River M├ętis ancestry, Anishinaabe spirituality, and identity, bringing into focus the ongoing historical impacts of colonization upon M├ętis relationships with spirituality on the Canadian prairies. Using a methodology rooted in an Indigenous worldview, Fiola interviews eighteen
people with M├ętis ancestry or a historic familial connection to the Red River M├ętis who participate in Anishinaabe ceremonies, sharing stories about family history, self-identification, and their relationships with Aboriginal and Eurocanadian cultures and spiritualities.

Table of Contents
Gichi Miigwetch (Acknowledgements) 1 - Seven Fires Prophecy and the M├ętis: An Introduction 2 - Spirituality and Identity 3 - Understanding the Colonial Context of M├ętis Spirituality and Identity 4 - A M├ętis Anishinaabe Study 5 - Meeting the Participants 6 - Residence, Education, Employment, Ancestry, and Status 7 - Family History 8 - Self-Identification and Personal Experiences 9 - Relationship with Spirituality 10 - Conclusion: Lighting the Eighth Fire Notes Bibliography