Rekindling The Sacred Fire: Metis Ancestry & Anishinaabe...

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Why don?t more Métis people go to traditional ceremonies? How does going to ceremonies impact Métis identity? InRekindling the Sacred Fire,Chantal Fiola investigates the relationship between Red River Métis ancestry, Anishinaabe spirituality, and identity,
inging into focus the ongoing historical impacts of colonization upon Métis relationships with spirituality on the Canadian prairies. Using a methodology rooted in an Indigenous worldview, Fiola interviews eighteenpeople with Métis ancestry or a historic familial connection to the Red River Métis who participate in Anishinaabe ceremonies, sharing stories about family history, self-identification, and their relationships with Aboriginal and Eurocanadian cultures and spiritualities.

Table of Contents
Gichi Miigwetch (Acknowledgements) 1 - Seven Fires Prophecy and the Métis: An Introduction 2 - Spirituality and Identity 3 - Understanding the Colonial Context of Métis Spirituality and Identity 4 - A Métis Anishinaabe Study 5 - Meeting the Participants 6 - Residence, Education, Employment, Ancestry, and Status 7 - Family History 8 - Self-Identification and Personal Experiences 9 - Relationship with Spirituality 10 - Conclusion: Lighting the Eighth Fire Notes Bibliography