Farmland Preservation: Land For Future Generations

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Farmland is an essential resource, meeting one of the most basic of human needs: food. As land is lost to urban sprawl and other non-farm activity, our ability to produce food is diminished and options for future food production are limited. The fourteen essays in the second edition ofFarmland Preservationprovide a diversity of views and case studies and speak to the need to preserve the agricultural land base.

Table of Contents
Preface Ch. 1 Farmland Preservation: Perspectives Ch. 2 Canadian Farmland: A Fluctuating Commodity Ch. 3 Agricultural Land Protection in Quebec Ch. 4 Farmland Preservation in Ontario Ch. 5 The Farmland Preservation Program in British Columbia Ch. 6 Learning about the Agricultural and Food System in Your Municipality Ch. 7 Smart Growth in Ontario Ch. 8 Farmland Protection and Liveable Communities in British Columbia Ch. 9 Rural Non-Farm Development and the Agricultural Industry in Ontario Ch. 10 Preserving and Promoting Agricultural Activities in the Peri-Urban Space Ch. 11 Ontario Farmland Trust Ch. 12 Farmland Preservation Policies in the United States Ch. 13 Planning for the Future of Agriculture Ch. 14 Farmland Preservation in Australia Conclusion