Decolonizing Poetics Of Indigenous Literatures

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Author Neuhaus, Mareike
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By uncovering residues of ancestral languages found in Indigenous uses of English, Mareike Neuhaus shows how these remainders ground a reading strategy that enables us to approach Indigenous texts asliteraturesin their own right.

Table of Contents
AcknowledgementsIntroductionIndigenous Poetics and Holophrastic ReadingPART 1: A PRIMER ON HOLOPHRASTIC READINGChapter 1: Indigenous Language and Discourse Traditions: An IntroductionChapter 2: Holophrastic Reading: A HeuristicChapter 3: Alphabetical List of Critical TermsPART 2: HOLOPHRASTIC READINGS OF INDIGENOUS WRITINGChapter 4: Ancestral Language InfluencesChapter 5: Indigenous NarratologyChapter 6: Historical Trauma and HealingChapter 7: Indigenous Literary SovereigntyChapter 8: (Radical) Departures of Indigenous LiteraturesPermissionsAcknowledgementsWorks CitedIndex