Nilh Iza Sptakwlhkalh: These Are Our Legends

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Author Lillooet Elders
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Like all First Nations languages, Lillooet (Lil'wat) is a repository for an abundantly rich oral literature. InThese Are Our Legends,the fifth volume of the First Nations Language Readers series, the reader will discover seven traditional Lillooetsptakwlh(variously translated into English as "legends," "myths," or "bed-time stories."These texts are presented in a technical transcription that can be used by linguists, and also in a practical orthography that can be used by Lillooet speakers themselves. An English translation is also given. Basic information on the Lillooet language, its grammar, and a glossary are included in the volume.With thanks to the Mount Currie Cultural Centre and the Tszil Publishing House.

Short Description
These Are Our Legendsgives readers seven traditional Lillooetsptakwlh--translated variously as "legends," "myths," or "bed-time stories"--in which shape-shifting animals and other forms of magic realism reign supreme.