Fists Upon A Star: A Memoir Of Love, Theatre, & Escape...

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Author James, Florence Bean
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"[A]n enthralling autobiography."Publishers Weekly

"Sensational."Jimmy Cagney

A woman ahead of her time, Florence James revolutionized American theatre before being struck down by a McCarthyist witch hunt and emigrating to Canada.Fists upon a Staris James's answer to that question that destroyed so many lives in the United States of America: "Are you now, or have you ever been?"

"If you like true stories about strong women, you'll like this book. If you're interested in live theatre, this book will engage you. If you have a vague notion that it's important to fight injustice, this book will snap into focus your understanding of the human cost of government tyranny. If you have a sparking interest in all three topics, this book will ignite you." Joy Fisher, Playwrights Guild of Canada