Women Who Dig: Farming, Feminism, & The Fight To Feed...

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Author Moyles & Dakin
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Weaving together the narratives of female farmers from across three continents,Women Who Digoffers a critical look at how women are responding to and, increasingly, rising up against, the injustices of the global food system.Beautifully written with spectacular photos, it examines gender roles, access to land, domestic violence, maternal health, political and economic marginalization, and a rapidly changing climate. It also shows the power of collective action.With women from Guatemala, Nicaragua, the United States, Canada, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, India, and Cuba included, it explores the ways women are responding to, as both individuals and in groups, the barriers they face in providing the world a healthy diet.

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With stunning colour photographs and compelling vignettes,Women Who Digtakes a critical look at how women across the world are rising up against the injustices of the global food system.