Hidden Treasure: The National Library Of Medicine

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Author Sappol Et Al
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Founded 175 years ago, the National Li
ary of Medicine is the world’s largest medical li
ary, with more than 17 million items dating from the 11th century to the present in its holdings. Today it is home to a rich worldwide heritage of objects, from the rarest early medical books to delightful 20th-century ephemera, artifacts, and documentary and animated films. Despite more than a century and a half of classification and cataloging, buried in the sheer mass of this collection are wondrous items largely unseen by the public and obscure even to li
arians, curators, and historians. The individual objects
ought to light in this book glow with beauty #151; or grotesquery or wit or calamitous tragedy #151; and include spectacular large-scale, color-illustrated medical books; rare manuscripts; pamphlets and ephemera; \"magic lantern” slides; toys; stereograph cards; scrapbooks; film stills; posters; and more from the 13th to the 20th century, from Europe, Africa,North America, and Asia. Specially selected and showcased inHidden Treasure,they once again speak to us, charm us, repulse us, amaze us, inform us, and intrigue us.