Anatomy Of Movement: Exercises

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Item#: 9780939616886
Edition 03
Author Calais-Germain Blandine
Cover Paperback
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Anatomy of Movement: Exercises, the companion volume to Anatomy of Movement, describes and illustrates, through hundreds of drawings, a comprehensive series of exercises involving the most common movements of the body. In this new third edition, all of the illustrations were updated and the photographs replaced with new illustrations. The exercises were chosen on the basis of their effectiveness and with concern for their safety. Some are designed to focus on strengthening a particular region or muscle group, others the entire body. Each exercise prepares the body to respond well to the demands of particular movements. Together they serve as a basis for the more specialized movements associated with various physical disciplines and therapies. Presentation follows the sequencing in Anatomy of Movement. For each body region the authors describe characteristic movements; potential sources of stiffness or laxity and how to detect, prevent and overcome them; how to strengthen specific muscles or muscle groups; and how to coordinate movements. This is followed by "practice pages" on which specific exercises are demonstrated.