True North, Strong & Free: New Ways Of Looking At Canada..

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Author Brown, Brian Arthur
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In True North, Strong and Free a noted Canadian author and an internationally renowned mapmaker join the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, the Leader of the Green Party of Canada, the Bishop of the Arctic and contributors from Niagara Falls to Yukon to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday.
This book finally at last really answers the question, “What is so special about us as Canadians?”
Canada's amazing past accomplishments are analysed and it's current and future challenges are faced.
For those long out of school, dramatic new maps show “what the Canada our children know looks like.”
Attractive as a souvenir but also of permanent value in understanding this country, this book is suitable for enjoyable reading in the sesquicentennial and as a keepsake to be found in every Canadian home.

It has 26 original maps plus several from supportive agencies like the Canadian Geographic magazine and the Assembly of First Nations, all updating the pre-conceptions many people have about Canada.
It also features new Provinces in the North (and perhaps one in the Caribbean) in the next 100 years.
It shows how domed communities surrounding mines in Nunavut may be prototypes for life on Mars.
Additional areas of the Arctic as large as any province are soon to fall under Canadian sovereignty.
An enhanced national capital gets slivers of land from Quebec and Ontario plus Algonquin parkland.
Strands of historic faith extend across Canada which also has the world's most northern Arctic mosque.
The mood of the country is also now ripe for a new era in relations between First Nations and other Canadians. Weaving it into other themes, Brian Brown and Ward Kaiser put Truth and Reconciliation into the heart of the sesquicentennial, much like the place of Expo 67 and civic projects in every community during the 1967 centennial of our country.