Princeton Review Mcat: General Chemistry Review

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IF IT'S ON THE TEST, IT'S IN THIS BOOK. The Princeton Review'sMCAT® General Chemistry Review
ings you everything you need to ace the gen-chem concepts found on the MCAT, including thorough subject reviews, example practice questions with step-by-step explanations, hundreds of practice problems, and 3 full-length practice tests.<
>Inside this book, you'll find proven strategies for tackling and overcoming challenging questions, along with all the practice you need to help get the score you want.<
>Everything You Need to Know to Help Achieve a High Score.<
>• In-depth coverage of the challenging general chemistry topics on this important test<
>• Sample MCAT questions with step-by-step walk-through explanations<
>• Bulleted chapter summaries for quick review<
>• Full-color illustrations, diagrams, and tables<
>• Extensive glossary for handy reference<
>Practice Your Way to Excellence.<
>• Access to 3 full-length practice tests online to help you gauge your progress<
>• End-of-chapter drills and explanations<
>• MCAT-style practice passages and questions<
>• Test-taking strategies geared toward gen-chem mastery<
>Gain Mastery of These and Other General Chemistry Topics!<
>• Chemistry Fundamentals<
>• Atomic Structure and Periodic Trends<
>• Bonding and Intermolecular Forces<
>• Thermodynamics<
>• Phases<
>• Gases<
>• Kinetics<
>• Equili
>• Acids and Bases<
>• Eletrochemistry<
>• MCAT Math for General Chemistry